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Backup & Recovery

Dial-A-Geek is proud to introduce it's new fully automated online data backup service. The industry's simplest and most powerful backup service updates while you are away from your computer and secures your data in a safe, encrypted, and off-site storage.

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Multiple Computer Backup
Backup Unlimited PCs, Macs and iPhones into a Single Account!
Automatic Selection
When you install IDrive for the first time, a default selection of most commonly backed up data including Documents, Pictures and Videos is created with a random after hours schedule. You can customize the selection and schedule.
Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
IDrive automatically recognizes the modified parts of file(s) / folder(s) and backs them up in real-time, thus offering hands-free backup of data.
IDrive retains and allows you to restore the last 30 versions of all files backed up to your account. Your storage is computed only for the most current version; historical versions are stored free.
Manage Multiple Accounts
Create and manage multiple accounts from a single account, via the web.
Retrieve Data From Any Location
Login via any browser to your account to access backed up data, view log reports and restore data on the local system.
Search and Restore
Fast search and restore of your data from the IDrive desktop application or the web interface.
Web Based Backup Management
Manage your Backup set, its schedule and view detailed backup logs from any web browser.
Sync folders / drives between your PC and online account.

Network Implementation & Management

Does your company use a standard server/client layout? Are you already in "The Cloud"? Do you want the best of both worlds? Dial-A-Geek has the talent and experience needed to design and maintain even the most complex business network. Our qualified and highly trained technicians work closely with our network design team in order to ensure the correct solution for every client. Tailored for your business and your budget, Dial-A-Geek will present you with a plan for the future; a plan that gives you the confidence to focus on your business, not your computers.

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Security & Anti Virus

Dial-A-Geek is a registered re-seller of NOD32 Antivirus, ESET Software's award winning Anti-Virus software.

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Proactive Protection
Award winning ThreatSense technology combines multiple layers of detection protecting you from Internet threats before they strike.
Precise Detection
ESET accurately identifies known and unknown threats. It consistently wins top awards from testing labs and is recognized for having zero false alarms.
Built for Speed
ESET software requires less memory and CPU power, allowing your computer to run lightning fast, making more room for games, web browsing, and emailing.
Removable Media Security
Sync folders / drives between your PC and online account.
Personal Firewall
Prevent unauthorized programs from accessing your network or internet connection. New Learning Mode automatically creates firewall rules by observing user behavior.
Separate annoying spam email from your legitimate email.

Network Monitoring & Management

Dial-A-Geek is committed to managing the demands of the growing small-to-medium size business (SMB) client base. Dial-A-Geek has been very successful responding to residential and small business clients’ needs for a break-fix IT solution. With the addition of our Managed Services Division, we can now offer a comprehensive and managed support option that meets the needs of our enterprise customers. Dial-A-Geek can provide more than technical help; we have the capability to provide a strategic IT relationship for our customers with a focus on the win/win approach. It is in both of our interests to keep your network up and running, stable and efficient. This relationship is designed to be the most profitable for both of us when this state is realised.

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24/7 Emergency Support
Remote Help Desk Services
On Site Support
Periodic Health and Performance Review
Anti-Virus, Spyware and Client Maintenance
Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance
Backup and Disaster Recovery Consulting, Monitoring and Reporting
Security Consulting, Monitoring and Reporting
Microsoft , Cisco, SonicWall and A+ Certified Trained Technical Team
Predictable Fixed Monthly Investment

Cloud Services

Need help moving your business or home office to "The Cloud"? Need someone to explain to you in plain English what "The Cloud" is? Dial-A-Geek's friendly and informative staff are glad to help! Let them explain the advantages and disadvantages of a cloud-based system, and more importantly determine whether it is the right choice for your small to medium business.

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Web & Mobile Application Development

Dial-A-Geek's commitment to managing all the demands of growing small-to-medium size businesses (SMB) extends to software development services. Dial-A-Geek provides comprehensive, managed, responsive, and affordable web and mobile application development services and support to meet the needs of our enterprise customers.

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Web Applications
Whether it's for your businesses initial website, or your looking to grow your current web presence Dial-A-Geek development can help.
Mobile Development
Have an idea for a mobile application for Android and/or iPhone? Dial-A-Geek development can help make it a reality.
Professional design to engage and captivate your customers making your businesses brand unforgettable, and provide an effective user experience so customers can always find what they need.
Database Solutions
Need to organize and manage your businesses data? Dial-A-Geek can help provide you with a scalable solution that meets your businesses requirements.
Managed Services
Improve business operations and cut expenses using software services developed to meet your businesses needs.
Have an existing software solution that isn't working as it should or needs to be updated? Let Dial-A-Geek development get it back on track.