Managed Security - Dial-A-Geek


Antivirus and Network Security Solutions

I.T. infrastructure is constantly under attack and requires continuous monitoring to mitigate and even prevent attacks from foreign agents, malicious hackers and organized crime. Our solution contains several key components are designed to harden your defenses.


ESET Enterprise Level Antivirus

With ESET antivirus we can provide a quiet and effective anti-virus that has proven to be the world’s best at detecting and eliminating viruses, spyware, adware, and phishing attacks. With full HelpDesk integration, we can see and isolate any infected PC’s.



Network Solutions

Want to make restarting routers and Wi-Fi a thing of the past? Let Dial-A-Geek provide right sized network solutions. With SonicWall corporate we can provide robust routing and Wi-Fi for hundreds of staff. All solutions integrate with HelpDesk allowing for remote management and support.


Anti-DDOS and Intrusion

The threat of Directed Denial of Service and Foreign Intrusion is real and constant. To prevent these types of malicious attacks, we can implement Anti-DDOS and IPS services that both alert and redirect most types of directed attacks. This allows your organization to remain online under even the most vicious of DDOS attacks. DDOS Explained


Proxy and Network Monitoring

For highly sensitive networks you may want to either monitor or prevent end users from accessing certain types of websites. Want to be alerted when your staff is accessing inappropriate material? We can setup monitoring or prevention systems on all deployed SonicWall routers.


Virtual Private Networks

When you have people in the field who need remote access to local servers or services you need a VPN. With SonicWall we have a dedicated VPN solution that allows either seamless Office to Office (Point to Point) solutions, or a dedicated VPN application for access from field or home.