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Even the fastest computer is slow if your Internet is slow. Let Dial-A-Geek diagnose and identify issues with your network that is keeping you from getting the speeds you deserve.

Does any of this sound like your network?

  • Netflix or YouTube freezing or constantly buffering?
  • Random Wireless drops?
  • Router constantly freezing or needing to be rebooted?
  • Websites often blank or saying ‘Page cannot be displayed?”
  • Often getting the dread Error 404?
  • Games often disconnect or are laggy?
  • Telus or Shaw Internet running slow?
  • Low or no bars on your internet connection?

If you answered yes, then Dial-A-Geek has the tools to help you out. Let us diagnose what is causing slowness in your network and make sure your laptops, smart phones and PC’s are able to get full use of your internet.

Customer Reviews

“We had a virus and ad pop-ups on our home computer and thanks to Dial A Geek we no longer have computer issues. We love their Anti-Virus software so much we have now put it on all our business computers”

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