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Computer and Laptop Repair in Victoria BC

Is your Laptop or computer giving you trouble? Is it running slow or do you think you may have a virus or spyware? WiFi connection problems? Battery failing? Let Dial-A-Geek repair it for you.

Our trained technicians are ready to help you out.

We are the experts at computer and laptop repair in Victoria. Whether it’s a Sad Mac or Spinning Ball of Doom, or Windows blue screen of death, Dial-A-Geek techs are standing by.

Does this sound like your Computer?

  • Slow to open or do anything
  • Trying to run Windows programs
  • Keeps losing WiFi
  • Keeps freezing or won’t shut down
  • Battery doesn’t hold a charge

Dial-A-Geek is ready to assist!

Customer Reviews

“We had a virus and ad pop-ups on our home computer and thanks to Dial A Geek we no longer have computer issues. We love their Anti-Virus software so much we have now put it on all our business computers”

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