Backup - Dial-A-Geek


All machines fail and any business is only as robust as their backup. With our scalable backup solutions, we can provide everything from simple data backup to full featured offsite replication and virtualization. All backups are encrypted for security, are incremental to minimize bandwidth usage, and monitored to ensure correct operation.

With our virtualization technology, we can completely replicate the entire network infrastructure on new hardware in the case of large scale disaster recovery (fire, flood, earthquake).

Whether it’s an accidental deletion, malicious data destruction from a disgruntled ex-employee or hardware failure Dial-A-Geek will get you up and running quickly.

Using Dial-A-Geek’s virtualization backup? In the case of a complete server failure you can take advantage of Dial-A-Geek’s emergency server rental service.

As always, all backups are stored securely, in Canada.